05 September 2012
Published in Marketing & SEO

Publicity through simplicity. Harness the power of your words and actions.

Publicity is an aspect of marketing which not only increases the publics awareness of your company but also shapes how they see you. Publicity is about interaction and claiming not only a share of your target audiences time but also a share of their thoughts.

Modern society is media directed, even dependant. An effective publicist doesn't wait for the news to happen they create it. However the different types of media at your disposal is vast and it can be confusing choosing which medium is best for your company. Which medium will get the right people saying the right things about your company.

Just some of the forms publicity can take are:

TV - commercials or placement
Radio - advertisements or interviews
Online - web sites, blogs, reviews, tutorials or networking
Print - press releases, promotions or articles
Events - sponsorship, competitions or guest speakers

In short the potential for promotion and increasing your businesses profile is unlimited however any efforts need to be tailored to meet your desired audience, goals and budget.