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05 September 2012

Tell not sell. Marketing spreads ideas and informs the public of what you have to offer.

Marketing by definition is to provide products or services which people need. This at first may sound simple yet do not forget that whatever your product or service is you are likely to know a lot more about it than the man in the street. This can often lead to ineffective messages been used in advertising informing consumers of what you think is important about your product/service and leaving out what they really need to know. Therefore you get no or very little response.

A common analogy used in marketing is sliced bread. Otto Rohwedder invented the first slicing machine in 1912. Bakers were not impressed and Otto went back to the drawing board. It wasn't until 1928 that the idea actually caught on and was finally promoted nationwide by Wonder in 1930.

History is littered with examples of great ideas and inventions which have flopped just because of poor communication skills. Galileo for example did not invent the telescope yet he is famed for it. Why? Because he was an excellent communicator and verbaliser.

Understanding not only what you have to offer as a whole but also knowing how to explain what it is, what it does and getting your audience to understand why it is of any use to them is the most important aspect of marketing.