Supporting Growth

Supporting Growth


Services: Web Development & CMS Tempate

Bio: Businesses need support to grow. Surveys taken from the Chamber's Supporting Growth event in June indicated that businesses were looking for support in a broad range of areas, from access to finance to sales and marketing. 87% of those surveyed indicated that they saw the Chamber as a place to go for business support and as such we have endeavoured to provide a variety of programmes, products and services that can help businesses push on and move forward.

Further research carried out by the Chamber has shown that businesses out there are looking for good quality business support. The Chamber has therefore taken action to source the very best mentors out there.

Using our network of connections, asking our members, and conducting rigorous interviews with potential candidates, we have produced a list with the trusted ‘Chamber stamp of approval’.

If you would like to find out more about the mentor service, please fill in this  expression of interest form  and return it to the Chamber we will find the right mentor for you.

Last modified on 11 October 2012
07 September 2012
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