Viya Photography

Link: http://viyaphotography.com/

Services: Web Design & Hosting

Bio: I love the challenge of shooting a wedding as it happens.

I won't control, stop or slow anything down.

I won't force an expression from you or try to make you smile.

I whole heartedly believe in documentary photography.

It's my passion.

You will re-live moments as you see them again and again.

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Link: www.healthwiseonline.co.uk

Services: Web Development & CMS.

Bio: Healthwise provides a nutritional consultancy service for individuals, food manufactures, catering outlets and education services.  We use expert nutritionists to nutritionally analyse recipes and provide a personalised service for you.

Healthwise has the pleasure to offer the services of Dr Lisa Gatenby.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Dr. Lisa Gatenby

Dr Lisa Gatenby is a Registered Nutritionist and University Lecturer with a wealth of experience in recipe analysis and healthy eating. With a background in catering and food development Dr Gatenby is able to provide a tailored nutritional consultancy service tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Dr Gatenby has past experience of working on menus for restaurants, smoothie bars and food manufacturers providing them with nutritional analysis information, details of how to improve the nutritional profile of their products, nutrition information for their website and details of nutrition labelling.

In addition Dr Gatenby worked as part of the Eat Well Do Well team in Kingston-Upon-Hull nutritionally analysing school menus, ensuring they conformed to the guidelines. Working closely with schools and caterers to develop their menus whilst ensuring the products and menus are acceptable to the children and young people consuming them.

Dr Gatenby also teaches on Nutrition and Food degrees as well as delivering training, diplomas and certificate courses for external organisations.  A nutritional consultancy service at weight loss Boot Camps is also provided, which delivers up to date nutritional advice, practical healthy eating sessions, including cooking demonstrations and responding to specific requirements on a group or one to one basis.

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Sketch Hair

Link: http://www.sketchhair.com/

Services: Web Development, Blog & Hosting.

Bio: Here at Sketch we have created a salon with a difference. A salon which ouzzes style, class and individuality. With a French Victorian and Georgian influence, Sketch Hair Salon was born. A collective, vintage boutique was our goal.

Our aim at Sketch is to give you a phenomenal hairdressing experience in a relaxed glamorous atmosphere. Hairdressing is our passion and at Sketch it's about re-creating - whether it be glamorous or Avant Garde. You don't have to be a star to be treated like one here at Sketch. With a relaxed friendly feel you won't want to leave! We look forward to seeing you soon...

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