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04 September 2012

Primitive is...

More than a business it's a philosophy, an outlook and even a way of life.

Here at Primitive we’re not just about design or technology. We’re about real people, great ideas and effective communication.

A Philosophy

Modern society is a visually rich environment, every moment of every day you are bombarded with advertisements, marketing and brands.

Therefore, any business wishing to succeed in today's market not only has to provide a product or service which is in demand but also needs to inform people of its presence whilst all the time competing against background noise.

An Outlook

We like simple. Any subject no matter how complicated has a core of simplicity. A principle which can be applied to deconstruction and creation, whether planning or implementing you must remain loyal to the simple core of the issue at hand.

Our aim is to help you find and fully explore the intrinsic simplicity at the heart of your idea. Once this is understood you will focus yourself and your business better and communicate much clearer.

Based on this principle we believe that a well designed brochure, email, flyers or web site, no matter how complicated, should intuitively give the end user what they want whilst also living up to it's purpose. Same as a well designed logo should instantly tell the customer what your company does and whether they should chat with/run away from you before they have even read your business card.

A Business

Our emphasis is on communication. Helping companies clearly define who or what they are and using design or technology to enhance and promote these ideals.

Our service is perfect for business startups but we also cater for established companies wishing to improve their image, public awareness or revenue.

We Offer:

Professional Design, Development, Hosting, SEO and Marketing services fairly and affordably priced allowing all people and all budgets ease of access.

We offer a range of services and package deals for startups and small business including:

  • Online Business Cards (Single Page)
  • Brochure Style Web Sites (Non-updateable)
  • Basic Content Management Web Sites (CMS)
  • Bespoke Web Sites (Advanced features - Databases, Flash or Javascript)

In addition to our web packages we also offer a range of services which can be added to the existing packages or taken out separately. Including but not limited to:

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Print Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Marketing

All our web sites are ingenuitive, graphically and verbally rich, technologically advanced, standards compliant and SEO friendly. We create a pre-emptive and natural navigation systems giving way to hieratical depths of information content whilst remaining user friendly and uncomplicated.

And a Set of Values

Service. Knowledge. Satisfaction.

Service – we deal with people not numbers. We don’t wear suits, we’re not calling from India and computer does not say no. Our promise to you is that when we smile we mean it, we’re here to help and believe opinions are more valuable than gold.

Knowledge – we don’t believe in doing things by halves. Design’s not just about been pretty and technology’s not just about functionality. A web site is a voice, a concept and an overwhelmingly powerful tool.

Satisfaction – we deal with every project on an individual basis and treat every client as a friend. We’re not interested in selling you things you don’t need or things you don’t want. We aim to please and do this by effectively defining your requirements then providing the best solutions.

We are:

Creative. Credible. Communicators.

We are straight talkers who operate with passion and ethics. Great pride is taken in completing all work to the highest levels of satisfaction with that little extra human and personal touch.

We are not:

Corporate. Sales men. Scary Monsters.

Ultimately we want to help you succeed. We won't insist on you adding unnecessary extras. We're not scary, we're actually quite nice. Technobabble can be kept to a minimum and if you get lost we're happy to explain.

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